This is a question that several ask every year.

Is it legal to burn your Christmas Tree in New Jersey?

The big answer is "NO". It is NOT LEGAL to burn your Christmas tree in New Jersey. The open burning of refuse materials, including Christmas trees, is prohibited by the New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C.) 7:27-2 et seq., from

Bottom line, Christmas tree bonfires are not safe. The wood is not dry like regular wood that we burn in a firepit. It would cause a lot more smoke than necessary. Sometimes Christmas trees still have decorations on them including ornaments left on and tinsel and they should never be burned. And, the burning of wood emits small particles and potentially air toxins if not handled properly.

Max Oppnheim, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Max Oppnheim, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Burning trees, for some people could aggravate lung or heart conditions. People of all ages with lung diseases are most susceptible to the effects of wood smoke.

Carbon is released in the form of carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other pollutants. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and contributes to climate change, according to

Most townships have Christmas tree pick-up the week after Christmas. The best way is to check their website out and they will give you dates. Please do not burn your Christmas tree in New Jersey. We now know that it is not allowed in this state.

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