I'm filing this under "the customer is always right" so I'm not going to feel bad about what happened over the weekend.  I was out with some friends having appetizers and a glass of a really nice sangria.  Before I was finished with my drink, the eager server swooped in and grabbed my glass.  I told him I wasn't quite finished and he put the drink back on the table for me.  A little while later, engrossed in conversation with the friend who was visiting from Florida, the server took my glass.  Thankfully, I caught him in time and told him I still wasn't done.

I'll admit I nurse my drinks so I'm sorry if I didn't down it as fast as he would have liked.  But it's my drink that I'm paying for so I feel I have the right to enjoy every last drop of it.  And that's what I did, including the sangria-drenched cucumber slice that was sitting at the bottom of the glass.  To me, the final sip of a drink is often the best.

I was surprised to learn that some people think it's the worst!  They call it backwash and deliberately avoid drinking it.  Hmmm.  To each his or her own, I guess.

Do you enjoy the last sip of whatever your drinking?  Or do you think it's germy backwash that is gross?  

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