As the kids are trick or treating tonight, what job did you end up with? Are you the door to door escort, or did you draw candy duty?

Some people love giving out the candy - the fun of giving young ghosts and goblins their sugary prizes.

But then there are those of us who find the whole thing to kind of be a pain - getting up every time the doorbell rings, making sure that everyone in the gaggle of ghouls at the door gets one snack, and then, of course, the doorbell rings the second you sit back down.

Some people even throw in the towel all together, turn off the house lights and take refuge in a quiet corner of the house so nobody can tell that someone is home.

Full disclosure - because of my work schedule (I'm on the air until 8), I haven't had to give out Halloween candy in years, so I guess I get off easy every October 31st.

What about you? Do you look forward to packing plastic pumpkins full of candy, or do you dread the ring of the doorbell?