Beachwood residents and officials mark the borough's 100th anniversary with a refurbished and rededicated fountain at Beachwood beach where you can make your name apart of history.

Your name can be inscribed along with the many there so far on a walkway pavement surrounding the fountain by purchasing a stone.

Chairman of the Beachwood Environmental and Shade Tree Commission Carl Schmidt says it's a great way to show how great the community is.

"We thought this was a perfect way to express the history and dedication of the people of Beachwood," said Schmidt.

Councilman Ed Zakar says so far they have about 15 stones engraved but they're hoping to get more.

"Our goal is to get to about 60 or we can pursue the other walkway over here," said Zakar.

Schmidt says if they get enough interest they'll put more names onto the walkway area.

"We're in the process of getting the names of people interested in purchasing a paver," said Schmidt. "All we need is their name, phone number, email address, the number of pavers that they're interested in. We're not going to hold them to it, but it's just to give us an idea."

Council president Greg Feeney says the fountain walkway is just one of the many ways the family friendly atmosphere can grow for years to come.

"Let's hope that those who come after us have the same vision as those who are here now, to make our community a beautiful community and improve as we can moving forward, and make it a place where people want to come and raise a family," said Feeney.

A rededicated beach fountain along with a walkway engraved with the names of residents is there for all to see in Beachwood in honor of it's 100th anniversary.

Zakar says the borough wanted to do something to symbolize the heart of a family friendly community.

"We envisioned it for the last two years as to what we wanted it to be and look like," said Zakar. "To actually see it today and all of the contributions that we's just superb."

Feeney says this and other projects wouldn't be possible without everyone's support

"We're able to get a lot of projects done with the help of volunteers and commissions and the support of the governing body," said Feeney.

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