If you look up the definition of the word “tired” you’ll likely find a couple of meanings which we use in our everyday language.

The first, which I’m very familiar with is “drained of strength and energy, fatigued or sleepy.”  The second is “weary or bored” as in tired of the same old (fill in the blank).

The first has been a given for much of my life so today I’m focused on filling in those blanks for the second definition of the word because frankly I am tired of:

  •  Anything and everything to do with these mid-term elections which have reached a new low and have me much more interested in the election being over then who wins and losses. The TV commercials are endless and insulting to the intelligence of the voting public or I guess the issue is we are not intelligent and can be swayed by the outrageous innuendo spewed in these ads.
  • While I am at it I’m also tired of the political signs that are a blight on roadways. Is it really necessary for the same candidates to have 10 signs at an intersection?
  • I’m tired of driving past vacant buildings that have been closed for years but just sit there as eyesores.
  • I’m tired of hearing about the debate over public school funding in New Jersey. Too many of our schools are falling apart right in front of our eyes because there is no money to fix them.  Schools should be a source of pride in a community!
  • I’m really tired of watching pro athletes who are much more interested in their individual achievements than those of their team.
  • While on the subject, I’m tired of professional teams treating fans like suckers by charging outrageous ticket prices for an inferior product. To make matters worse you then pay $30 to park and $20 for a hot dog and a beer.  That’s why I choose TV over being there in person and more and more are doing the same.
  • I’m tired of President Trump’s tweets, speeches and off-the-cuff comments. It’s time for him to realize that words have ramifications and what this country needs right now is a leader.  Be one or be gone!

I have a bunch more but I’m out of time. More than anything I’m tired of being tired.

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