No need to call the detectives but my Christmas tree is missing.  It's true.  I had purchased a nice big artificial one a few years ago during the post-Christmas clearance sale.  I didn't put it up last year but this year I was in the mood to do so.  Imagine my surprise when I went to my attic storage space and found no trace of the big tree.  Then I got a flashlight and poked around a closet in the basement.  Nope, it wasn't there either.

Determined to get my house decorated Saturday, but not wanting to go out into the cold and snow, I decided NOT to search in the garage.  Instead, I'm making peace with my small 4 foot tall pre-lit tree.  It's essentially a backup tree.  Plan B if you will.  But as I saw the lights come on and started adding my favorite ornaments, it made me happy and I got more into the holiday spirit.  So the moral of the story is that I don't think size matters when it comes to Christmas trees.  What does matter is the meaning I'm attaching to it.  So I'm now viewing this little tree as the main attraction.  My #1 tree.  The focal point of my living room that I'll enjoy looking at every night.  It may not be big but I'm loving it.

Do you have a small tree in your Ocean County house?  Any other "Charlie Brown" type trees out there?

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