I’ve expressed many driving pet peeves in the past, most of which I seem to observe on an almost daily basis.

If I had to rank my personal top two I would probably go with failure to use a turn signal and complete ignorance of yield signs.

The latter is likely due to both lack of courtesy and knowledge. You do not have to stop at a yield sign but are expected to slow down to a reasonable speed and if there is traffic entering from an intersecting street you would either have to stop or give them the right of way.

It is amazing to me how many drivers simply blow through a yield sign without giving thought to this and don’t give the right of way when they should.  Seems to me that in many cases it would be better to simply replace with a stop sign. At least most drivers know what to do when they see one of those.

It was great to see and hear Ron Brooks sing the National Anthem before Monday’s Sixers-Heat NBA playoff game in Philadelphia.  Brooks is a double amputee who grew up mostly in Brick and has overcome so much in his life, refusing to let obstacles get in his way.  His stirring rendition has been a fixture at local, state and even national sporting events for years.

The high school baseball season has been interrupted just about every day by postponements due to bad weather and even when teams do play it’s not exactly been under ideal conditions.

Despite this Jackson Liberty has gotten off to a hot start and improved to 7-0 with a win over Pinelands Tuesday.  The Lions of head coach Jim Rankin are the only undefeated team in the shore and currently ranked third in the Shore Sports Network Top Ten behind CBA and Wall. They are scheduled to play Wall on Saturday.

Sharing something I put out on Twitter and will stick with.  Three things you can count on when it comes to sports.  The Knicks will pick the wrong head coach, the Jets will draft the wrong quarterback and if the Nationals complete a sweep tonight many Mets fans will declare the season over.

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