Last week on the 92.7 WOBM Facebook Page, I asked "if you could describe Ocean County with one food, what would it be?"

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There are so many delicious restaurants around Ocean County that all make good food to represent us! But, it's not a surprise that the number one answer was pizza! There were other favorites that made the list. Check out all the answers in the Facebook post below:

Some foods from local restaurants made the list, like Sawmill Pizza, Uncle Doods Donuts, and Kohrs Ice Cream. The NJ favorite Pork Roll was also a popular answer. Coffee and bagels got a few mentions (yum - the best breakfast food!). Some of you said you'd the food you'd describe Ocean County with is seafood - Bette said Barnegat Light scallops in particular.

One answer caught my eye - Victoria said the food she would describe Ocean County with is Fried Cheesecake! Yummy!

If I had to choose a food to describe Ocean County with, I would probably agree with everyone who said pizza. Ocean County is home to a lot of delicious pizzerias, and there's nothing more iconic than eating a slice while on the boardwalk!

Is there a food that you'd describe Ocean County with that isn't on the list? Let us know what it is!


Diana Tyler
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