I've just learned that two college students I know are not going back to school in September.

Sometimes we assume everyone's path will take them from high school to college.  But given the high cost of higher education, many kids can't afford it.  And sometimes students just don't like it.  For reasons that we may never know, college just doesn't fit every student.  In those cases, what's a parent to do?

Should the parent encourage the child to stick it out a little longer with hopes things will get better?

Should the parent insist that the child get a full time job if he/she is not going to be going to school?

Should the parent guide the student to learning a trade?

Should the parent allow the student to travel and/or take some time to find him or her self?

This article suggests parents have some heart to heart talks with teens and really listen to what they say.

Did you go through this with one of your kids?  Do you have any advice for Ocean County parents whose kids are talking about quitting school?


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