Even though Mothers Day is a big day for flower sales, there's a gift that doesn't have to cost any money:  quality time.  Ever since I read that book "The Five Love Languages," I've been aware that many people would rather spend time with a loved one than get a gift.  I wish that I had known that while my mother was still alive.  I would have made more time for her.

So if your Mom is still around, and you're able to get to her, let's make a list of things that mothers and daughters can do together.  I'll offer several and then you can add some in the Comments section:

  • Cook
  • Knit
  • Stroll along the boardwalk
  • Go to the nail salon
  • Go to Atlantic City
  • Look at photo albums
  • Record her telling stories about the old days
  • Take her to see a movie or live performance
  • Help organize her closet, (and maybe play dress-up if she has some retro or glamorous pieces in there.)
  • Take her out to a restaurant she's been wanting to try

What else would help Ocean County mothers feel special?  Please add to the list and have a great Mother's Day Weekend!


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