It's not just the picturesque views of the Manasquan River and Manasquan Inlet or the food or fare that make this establishment so special. It's the memories. Countless families have swung through after a day at Manasquan Beach or Seawatch Beach and ended the night nearby watching fireworks.  Countless employees have spent their summers serving food, drink, and deserts while putting smiles on the faces of their customers. Countless memories have been made by, dare I say, millions of locals and tourists over the last 80 years. Now, this great business is up for sale and the price tag is equally memorable.

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Credit: Via Carlson’s Corner

Is this the Carlson's Corner you remember? It's now for sale and the price tag surprised me.  More on that below.

Credit: Via Carlson’s Corner

A look at some of their staff from back in the day.  I don't have the year the picture above was taken, but it appears the mid-50s to me. I'm not a car/truck expert but does look like it was taken in that decade based on the look and style of everyone's clothing.

Credit: Via Carlson’s Corner

This is another throwback from the Carlson's Corner website.  The value of the business would have been but a fraction of what it is today. According to Weebly, the average price of an ice cream cone in the 1950s was about 10 cents. Today it is $4. Wow.

Credit: Via Carlson’s Corner

Today it looks like this.  Located at 432 First Avenue in Manasquan, Carlson's Corner has beautiful views, great fare, and a really strong pitch:

You're at the Jersey shore. We know how it is. It's hot. It's sunny. The weather is absolutely beautiful, but you are hungry, thirsty, and need to cool off. Carlson's Corner has the cure! Come on down and put an end to your hunger with a delicious Original Carlson's burger, chicken sandwich, or wrap. Quench your thirst with some ice cold water or a variety of soft drinks. Top it all off with the best ice cream around. Enjoy all of this while taking in picturesque views of the Manasquan Inlet and River. Come see us today! - Carlson's Corner Website

So, how much is Carlson's Corner's asking price?

According to the listing, they're asking for $1.7 million. While that sounds like a lot, keep in mind all the factors I described above (location, views, customers, etc).  The listing agent shares, "The iconic Carlson's Corner is a thriving seasonal establishment frequented by surfers, fishermen, beachgoers, and inlet gazers. Thursday nights during the summer the line for ice cream will extend down the sidewalk with people congregating to view weekly fireworks over the beaches of Point Pleasant." My hope is that the new owners continue the tradition and keep customers happy with great service, friendly faces, and fantastic food!

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