I want to be Rachel Zoe, Celebrity Stylist and reality TV star.   Now don't get me wrong,  I love my life.  But Rachel has it way better!  She lives in Hollywood.  She has a gorgeous supportive husband and a healthy new baby boy.  She gained 10 pounds during the pregnancy and wasn't sick a day. Ugh.  Show off.   Rachel's job is to dress celebrities. Say What?  Yes, she tells A list celebrities what to wear!  Top designers loan her dresses worth thousands each.  They give her tons of  shoes and boots, some the price of a mortgage payment in my world and millions in jewels for photo shoots and events.   She has two warehouses to store all of the clothing and a staff of at least 5.   Do you think when they all go home she play's  dress up?  I would. 

When Rachel moved, she only had to show up at the new house.   She didn't pack a box, hang a picture or even put  away her own clothes!  Sure, Rachel's job is stressful.  The wrong outfit can make or break the jobs she books for months.  But anything she needs is just a request away.  She complains when she has a job that is 35 minutes  from home - and she has a driver!  Has she ever tried to commute from the Jersey Shore to NYC? 

When she gave birth to Baby Skylar in a recent epidode,  I couldn't help but notice what she took to the hospital.  Knee High Stilletto boots, a Chanel sweater, and Joey, her hair and makeup person.  Oh, and did I mention her giant diamond "push present"?  God, I want to be Rachel Zoe.