Last week, I was on vacation. I was in the Great White North of Canada (which was actually nicer weather-wise than the Jersey Shore was while I was away!).

They say that everyone is friendlier in Canada, and I found that to extend to the wildlife as well.

While I was visiting Vancouver's Stanley Park, their equivalent of Central Park (and a regular TV and movie filming location - you've definitely seen it without even realizing it), I encountered some friendly and timid woodland critters.

From birds that will literally land on your palm to eat bread, to raccoons that will take goodies right out of your hand, there are animals who are so used to human contact that they're more than happy for a handout. Here's an example:

Now, I was in Canada visiting a friend of mine who is a professional movie and TV special effects makeup artist. So after posting the above video, we thought it would be a laugh to have a little fun, and came up with this:

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

I posted it to Facebook and captioned it, "So, while I was on vacation I got to meet this little guy who seemed really friendly and timid. However, you can see how it ended."

All in good fun, right?

What I didn't expect was the outpouring of concern. All the way up to and including private messages urging me to get rabies vaccines (and, of course admonishing me for approaching a wild animal in the first place).

The flood of concern and support was actually touching, but I also started to feel bad about pulling this prank on my unsuspecting friends, followers, family, and co-workers.

I let it go for a little while, but fessed up pretty quickly. No, I was not attacked by a wild animal, I just have a talented special effects artist as a friend and a sick sense of humor.

Maybe I should have waited until April 1st to pull this prank.

Thanks to everyone for their concern. I'd say I'm sorry for worrying everyone, but I can't lie, the entertainment value was pretty epic.

Have you ever pulled a prank that you ended up feeling a little badly about? Tell us about them in the comments section!



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