April Fools

Did This Ocean County Prank Go Too Far?
If you've spent any time online today, you know it's April Fools Day. Tech companies love to pull pranks on the 1st of April. But some commuters in one Ocean County community were the subjects of a real world prank today
Do You Play April Fools Pranks?
As we get closer to the first day of April in Ocean County, coming up on Friday, some people are surely meticulously planning how they're going to prank their friends, family, and co-workers, while others will probably be watching every step they take lest they fall victim.
I Pulled A Prank That Went A Little Too Far [Video]
Last week, I was on vacation. I was in the Great White North of Canada (which was actually nicer weather-wise than the Jersey Shore was while I was away!).
They say that everyone is friendlier in Canada, and I found that to extend to the wildlife as well.
When An April Fools Prank Backfires
April Fools Day pranks can be fun and funny. And then there are the times that they blow up in the faces of the would-be pranksters. That's exactly what happened to one online marketing company earlier this week.

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