We are now a little over a month til' Christmas, which is nothing in terms of time flying. Before you know it Santa will be leaving the North Pole to pay is a visit here at the Jersey Shore.

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How are you doing with your holiday planning? for many, it's like "hey let me get through Thanksgiving first" lol, and by the way that's next week! are YOU ready for turkey day or are you still scrambling for that as well?

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Back to Christmas...we are just a month or so away and I am seeing various articles about Christmas and one caught my eye and I can't believe New Jersey didn't make the list. The article, from Insider.com, is entitled "The 25 most romantic states to spend Christmas". I cannot believe that New Jersey didn't make the TOP 25

According to the article ... "to determine the most romantic states to spend Christmas, Civitatis Magazine created the US Festive Romance Index to evaluate states on the following factors"

  • Snowfall
  • Christmas spirit
  • Christmas trees cut
  • Christmas music
  • Christmas spend (gift spending)
  • Romantic states
  • Happiest
  • Friendliest states
  • Most beautiful states

Where is the Garden State? We are friendly, happy, full of spirit...right? are we getting the short end of the "Christmas" stick or do you agree that we need to work on our "Christmas Spirit"?

We would love to read your comments...post your thoughts below and let's hope that next year New Jersey will be off the "naughty" list and on the "good" list :)

In case you didn't see Washington State was number one on the list


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