You know that moment when you see a disaster start to happen and everything kind of goes in slow motion even though you have no control over any of it? That's what happened to me when I was heading home on the Garden State Parkway yesterday. And I 100% know what started it.

It started right as I got on the Parkway at Exit 81.

I was behind a car that kept changing speeds, drifting in the lanes, and hitting its brakes. As we continued on the Parkway, its speeds were so erratic that I ended up passing the car.

I glanced over and I bet you can guess what a saw.

A middle-aged guy with his glasses on his nose, holding up his cell phone and typing with his thumb.

On the Garden State Parkway at 65 miles per hour.

Next, once through the Toms River toll plaza, the car picked up speed and passed me.

The next thing I saw stopped my heart.

The car started drifting out of its lane and rolled over the shoulder rumble strips. The driver then immediately overcompensated and swerved into the next lane over nearly sideswiping a minivan.

In what could have only been a miracle, the minivan had just passed the texter. If it had waited three seconds longer, it would have been sideswiped, which would have doubtlessly turned into a massive chain reaction accident on a busy evening commute.

Folks, it's not cute anymore.

It's not funny. It's not something to brush off.

Stop texting and driving!