I Almost Got Killed On The Parkway - Again
I'm knocking on wood the whole time that I'm writing this - I seem to have really bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but good luck of somehow managing to escape what could be literally deadly situations.
I Almost Got Killed On The Parkway Today
Saying, "I almost got killed" is a rather dramatic statement, and I acknowledge that fact. However, after being able to get past the adrenaline rush and panic, and really understanding what happened on my morning commute today, I think it's an appropriate sentiment.
This Is How Likely You Are To Hit A Deer In New Jersey
You may have seen the warning signs on the Garden State Parkway in recent weeks, alerting drivers that deer season is here. Especially here in Ocean County, where the Pine Barrens cover a vast portion of our area, driving at night can become dangerous in the fall.
I Almost Saw Someone Die Yesterday On The Parkway
You know that moment when you see a disaster start to happen and everything kind of goes in slow motion even though you have no control over any of it? That's what happened to me when I was heading home on the Garden State Parkway yesterday. And I 100% know what started it.
Hazard On The Roadway !
One of the latest problems to face motorists this winter is the growing number of "flying ice" accidents on the highways. Drivers who fail to clean their vehicle roof-top, leading to flying ice hitting motorists. Each year there are nearly 500 fatalities in the United States due to…
This Terrifying Video Shows Airbags Saving A Life
Hopefully we'll never have to see our own airbags being deployed. But it's definitely good to know that they're there in times like this - a young driver is minding his own business when another driver barrels through a red light, triggering a t-bone collision. The airbags immediately deploy and ver…
Watch A Terrifying Icy Turnpike Crash [Video]
This is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying videos from this past weekend's freezing rain in The Garden State. The NJ Turnpike was a skating rink of everything from fender benders to major crashes. This driver captures a double tractor trailer as it skids out of control, misses his vehicle …

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