Brick Township-- How would you like to help break a Guinness Book of World Records with the "World's Largest Tarantella" dance? Coming up on the 14th, you can join in on the fun regardless of any prior dance experience.

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On Sunday August 14th at 12-noon the Official Historic Guinness Book of World Record challenge commences on Windward Beach in Brick Township at 265 Princeton Avenue.

The Tarantella dance will be hosted by the Ocean County Columbus Day Parade Committee in a fundraising event.

For those who may not be aware of the dance officials with the committee add it's not overly complicated to teach.

"This dance is a traditional Italian dance that you see at weddings mostly," said Michael Blandina, Grand Chairman of the Ocean County Columbus Day Parade Committee. "When everybody does stand in a circle, basically you learn it in seconds, just a very simple movement that I guess originated in Italy and I know I've seen it many times at weddings."

Blandina looks forward to the possibility of a great turnout of residents who want to be apart of it.

"I'm hopeful that we can get that number that we need and I'm making every effort to do that," said Blandina.

That number may be a little bigger than you think to break the world record Blandina adds was set in Germany.

"You need 316 people...actually 317 because that's the record, is 316 and they need to do it for at least 5 minutes," said Blandina.

He adds this dance is to break a record and act as a fundraiser but all are invited to attend.

"You don't need to be Italian, you don't need to be German, you can be any can be American. You can be any nationality that hopes to be apart of what we hope to be is the world's largest tarantella." said Blandina. "If we get to that endeavor and we reach that, we can break the record I'm sure and they can be younger folks, older folks and like I said it's a fun thing and your apart of history."

While seeing a napkin waving in the air at many of these dances at weddings, Blandina adds you won't need one to participate in the dance they are hosting.

However a key note in making this event possible is that there needs to be at least 317 people signed up by TODAY.

As of late last week Blandina says they were over the half way point of sign ups but he wants to be at the 317 mark before committing to the event as a definite.

"For anybody whose interested in this tarantella world record, they have to contact us, (and) we'll have to get them the registration form," said Blandina. "They can contact us at 732-477-6507 or go to and we'll get them the form. Very important that they get us back the the second (and) third page of the registration form filled out as soon as possible."

He adds the registration fee is based on a recommendation from officials with the Guinness Book of World Records of a $10-minimum donation you'll need to sign up.


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