If you have been getting spam calendar invites on your iPhone for the past month like I have, you know how incredibly invasive and annoying it is.

The invites hype up (obviously fake) big sales on everything from Ray-Bans to Uggs to NFL Jerseys -- and there's no way to just delete them. Apple is finally acknowledging the problem, but luckily there IS something you can do for now.

First things first, the spam is being sent to your icloud.com e-mail, and the spam invites are going to your iCloud calendar. This doesn't mean your icloud.com e-mail address has been hacked.

Because of how iCloud works, the invites are basically a spam e-mail that automatically syncs up with your calendar. Spammers just figured out a way to game how iPhones formerly convenient calendar function works.

On iPhones, the calendar app uses info from multiple places, basically whatever mail accounts you have set up. If you don't ever use your icloud.com e-mail, then you're most likely not using your iCloud calendar, which means there's a way to make the spam calendar notifications stop.

The spam invites appear in your calendar grayed out like this. (Laurie Cataldo)

Wall Street Journal breaks it down step-by-step, but basically, if you don't use your iCloud mail/calendar: Open the calendar app, click "Calendars" at the bottom, unselect the check mark next to the iCloud calendar, and then click "Done" in the upper right corner.

The invite will still show up in your inbox, but you won't see it on your actual calendar anymore.

WSJ also suggests not declining the invite, otherwise spammers will see that your account is active, and will therefore be more inclined to spam you!

If you DO use iCloud mail/calendar, head to iCloud.com, and change your settings so that your calendar invites go to your e-mail. You'll still get the spam, but it won't automatically go to your phone. (Note: you'll have to manually add legit calendar invites to your phone if you do this.)

An Apple rep told the WSJ, "We are actively working to address this issue by identifying and blocking suspicious senders and spam."

Which basically means...they probably can't do anything to fix this other than create a great spam filter for iCloud mail (like every other e-mail service has) or remove the auto-sync from iCloud mail to calendars.

(At least this quick fix means I won't have to yell at my phone every few hours...)

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