As Ocean County's Hometown Station, we're your source for all of the most up to date and thorough closing, delay, and cancellation information when bad weather hits.

That being said, we get a number of questions each time a storm approaches about using Ocean County Stormwatch to get the latest information out to the public. So here's an FAQ with the basics:


Who should have Stormwatch credentials?
Whoever will be the person to log into the Ocean County Stormwatch website to report a status. It’s also good to share with a backup person so you’re covered in case of vacation or if the internet is out. You can also report via your phone or tablet.


What are the credentials needed?
Just your email address. You’ll get a password from us, and then you’re all set.


How does an organization get credentials?
There’s a form on the Stormwatch page to fill out. Or, call Dan Alexander at 609-359-5358.


How do you go about reporting a closure or delay?
You will go to a special website to report your status. It’s not the main radio station website or linked from there. Also, the radio station can't take closing and delay info over the phone, so that’s another reason that you will need your credentials ahead of time.


How much time is left to get set up for tomorrow’s storm?
You can check on your current account today or sign up for a new, free account.


Can a closure or delay be reported any time, 24/7?
The Stormwatch site is always available. It will take about 5 minutes for your report to appear.


How do you do a practice run, or a test closure?
Log into your account and you can do a test. Then, check the website to see your test closure.


Who do I contact for more info?
You can email Dan Alexander at or call 609-359-5358.



  • An email was sent back on Aug. 22nd, 2016, to all participating organizations with credentials. Check your spam folder if you can’t find it.
  • Credentials don’t change from year to year. Last year’s log in is this year’s log in.


You can stay up to date with the very latest Ocean County Stormwatch information by clicking here, and stay with 92.7 WOBM on-air for the latest Ocean County News, Ocean County Traffic Watch, weather updates, and more!


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