This winter we don't need this, a blizzard like we had last year at the beginning of the year.

I remember this well. My hometown of Bayville got whipped with a lot of snow. Ocean County was one of the hardest-hit areas with the most snow totals over the weekend.

WOAH, I couldn't believe it. I live in Bayville and we had over 21" of snow, especially with the snow drifting from the wind.

I asked for your pictures from over the weekend and they were amazing, "thank you" so much for showing us your snow. When I started hearing about this storm I remember thinking,  "no way"...we can't get that much snow. Well, as you know, we did.

ShaunWilkinson, Getty Images
ShaunWilkinson, Getty Images

The snow was so high with the snow drifts. I remember I couldn't even see one side of my car, it was completely covered and as high as my car. It was crazy and the wind was so, so bad.

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Ocean County had some of the highest in the state, it was crazy. Check out these totals we had with the "big" blizzard of 2022:

Ocean County, NJ Snow Totals

Bayville — 21 inches

Beachwood - 19.4 inches

Lacey Township — 18.3 inches

Point Pleasant Beach — 17.5 inches

Forked River — 17 inches

Tuckerton — 17 inches

Point Pleasant - 17 inches

Toms River — 16 inches

Little Egg Harbor — 15 inches

Brick — 14.8 inches

Jackson - 14.1 inches

Stafford Township - 13 inches

Barnegat - 11.4 inches

Lakewood - 11 inches

Lakehurst - 10.5 inches

Manchester Township - 10.5 inches

I've never seen so much snow in Bayville, I've lived here for about 16 years, and for some reason, we usually get maybe 6" at the most, but not that time. Lots of pictures from listeners were from Bayville and the snowdrifts were just crazy.

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