We all love the Tooth Fairy.  Remember when you were a child and you lost that tooth.  It was so exciting and I always wondered how did that cute Tooth Fairy get under my pillow.  For my daughter,  she just waits for the Tooth Fairy.  So we're asking on The Ocean County Breakfast Show this morning...How much does the Tooth Fairy leave under your pillow?

The average gift from the Tooth Fair dropped to $2.10 last year.  But good to know, the Tooth Fairy comes to 90% of households in America according to The Original Tooth Fairy Poll.  BTW cute website!

....The most common amount left under the pillow by the Tooth Fair is $1.00.  (That's what our Tooth Fairy does in our house)

....Most children find more money under the pillow for their first lost baby tooth.

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