During a cold snap like we're having now, do you have more blankets on your bed than usual?  I do.  It may seem excessive, but I have one thick tightly woven wool blanket that I purchased in Mexico years ago. I also have 2 comforters plus a soft fuzzy kind of blanket and an electric blanket.  That makes 5!

Like many of you, I keep the house pretty cool at night.  Why pay for expensive heat when you're not awake to enjoy it?  It makes more sense to me to turn the electric blanket on to warm up the bed and then shut it off and let the heavy layers of blankets keep me warm.  Nights have been pretty cold lately and this method is working fine for me so far.

About how many blankets are on your bed?  And if you share your bed, does your partner like the same amount?  Or do you have a bunch of blankets on one side and just a few on the other?


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