I don’t really discuss controversial national issues for a few reasons.  Among them is I’m really not often well-informed enough to have an opinion.  The other main reason is there are usually two sides to the argument and no matter what if you do take a side it means the others are against you.  That really sums up much of what is wrong with America today when you can’t offer opinions without alienating those who don’t agree with you.

With all of that said I scratch my head over asylum-seekers and the border crisis that is about to get worse.  How much more can we take when it comes to allowing people into our country and sending them to cities like New York which are becoming overrun with migrants.  Have you seen pictures from El Paso, Texas of these people sleeping on sidewalks and cardboard boxes?  They are waiting for the lifting of the COVID-era policy on May 11th (Title 42) which kept many from entering the U.S.  Now a big problem is expected to get bigger.

In New York City alone some 60,000 asylum-seekers are being sheltered by taxpayers and that number is going to grow in the weeks ahead.  The Mayor says they are running out of space and money and Washington is offering little relief. If you can’t get a sense of what 60,000 people might look like then fill the football stadium at Rutgers to capacity and add another 5,000 to that.  New York might be big but their resources are growing smaller.

Migrants Bussed From Texas Arrive In New York City
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I am not looking to debate politics or even our status as a county with open arms.  Those seeking asylum are suffering miserably and they are deserving of some help.The U.S. is known for its compassion but even we have limits.  Too many of our own people face homelessness and hunger on a daily basis…it seems we should take care of them first.

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