I was especially happy to get up and go to work today.  It means I've recovered from a bad bout of Laryngitis.  (Truth be told, I'm not 100% better, but felt well enough to host the Midday shift today.)

You never know how much you appreciate something, or take it for granted, until you don't have it anymore.  That's how I feel about my voice after unexpectedly losing it.  The doctor said it could have been caused by a virus and/or allergies.  Regardless of its origin of my illness, my voice has returned.  That means I'm able to work again so I'm counting my blessings!

I admit, some scary thoughts popped into my mind last week.  What if my voice never comes back?  How will I earn a living?  How will I communicate?  I'm sure many of you who have had your own health issues have wrestled with similar anxieties.

In my case, I wasn't out of the game very long so I'm staying positive and feeling grateful today that things are returning to normal.

And if you're wondering how I DID communicate during those days of silence, I made little notes and wore them on a lanyard.  I also made a little slideshow using the "Keynote" app on my phone.  It helped me conserve my voice while at a dinner party last night.  I pointed to the slides that answered some of the questions my friends asked me such as:  "When did you lose your voice? Does it hurt when you talk? What medication are you taking?"

I guess that all proves that necessity is the mother of invention.  Somehow I carried on conversations.  Even without a voice.

I hope you all are feeling healthy and glad to be back to work today as well!

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