I'm having a rough year when it comes to illnesses.  For a generally healthy person, I've been sidelined with 3 pretty significant things in just 6 months.  In January it was the flu.  In May I got Laryngitis.  And last week I woke up to a fever that lasted for days and was accompanied by lots of aches and then a rash and really painful case of Cellulitis.

Sorry if this is TMI, too much information.  But as a radio DJ who usually keeps you company every day while you're at work, I wanted to explain my sudden absence.

The doctor says this may actually be related to Lyme Disease!  If the blood test results confirm that,  it will be the topic of a future blog post.

For today, I just wanted to say that I'm glad to be back on the air.  I hope you had a nice weekend and are taking care of yourself, especially with this heat!


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