Did you see any of the Scripps National Spelling Bee?  It just wrapped up with a 12 year old Fresno girl winning the big trophy and $40,000 grand prize.  Seeing the difficult, multisyllabic words the kids had to conquer was very inspiring!  And it also made me feel kind of stupid!  No, I'm kidding.  We all have our special skills and talents.

I always did well in English class and consider myself a pretty good speller (thanks, in part, to my high school Latin studies.)  But there are a few words that constantly trip me up.  The one I keep having to look up is:  rhythm.

Google just came out with a list of words that people tend to look up the most, and they sorted the list by state.  It seems New Jerseyans are unsure how to spell the number "twelve."  Our neighbors in Pennsylvania struggle with "sauerkraut."  And in New York, people are Googling the word "beautiful."  I feel a bit sorry for people who live in Wisconsin.  They seem to have trouble spelling the name of their state!

Since it's Friday, I thought we'd have a little fun talking about words that are difficult to spell.   What word do you often misspell or have to look up?

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