The Scripps National Spelling Bee is underway in Washington DC.  Students ages 8 to 14 trying to correctly spell words like conquistador, flibbertigibbet, humuhumunukunukuapuaa, physiognomy, weissnichtwo and gobbledegook.   You can watch the Finals tomorrow night on ESPN.  I give these kids a lot of credit.  They have to show their smarts and deal with the nervousness of competition AND do it all before a huge television audience!  I'll never forget my Fifth Grade spelling bee flub when I spelled "blizzard" with only one "z."  Ugh!  It still pains me to think about it because that's NOT a difficult word to spell.  I KNEW how to spell it with two "z's" but my stomach butterflies got the best of me.  That's why I'm super-impressed with these super-spellers taking the national stage.  Are there certain words you have trouble with?  Are there specific words you ask your computer to spellcheck?  Please post in the Comments section below.   "Ryhthm" and "Pursue" are two words that often stump me.  Here's a link to the most commonly misspelled words in English, along with some helpful tips on how to remember the correct spelling.


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