I wasn't sure what to expect this past weekend for the crowds at the famous Ocean County boardwalks.

It was actually a little weird, for 4th of July weekend Seaside Heights was kind of quiet. There were people here, but there was plenty of parking, my friends and I didn't wait for a table to eat at lunch time, and there was plenty of room on the beaches.

I thought that was a disappointing showing post-Sandy, but then we headed north on Route 35 and got to Point Pleasant Beach which was packed.

The municipal parking lot was jam packed, the boardwalk was shoulder to shoulder people, and the games and restaurants were buzzing.

I thought it was a bit odd since the Seaside Heights boardwalk is considerably bigger, but Point Beach has the rides that Seaside is still trying to get back up and running.

So what have you noticed so far this summer? Are you encouraged or discouraged now that we've passed Memorial Day weekend and 4th of July weekend?

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