I think that oatmeal is a perfect breakfast food - it's good for you, it's filling, and it's easy to prepare. The only problem is, it's not exactly exciting.

My usual oatmeal regimen is a little cinnamon sugar, a little (real) maple syrup, and some raisins. Which is really good. But, doing the same thing every day can get a little boring.

Of course, there are any number of flavors of instant oatmeal out there, but they're usually loaded with sugar and preservatives. So I prefer to make it myself, that way I know exactly what's in it (which is also why I use real maple syrup. Have you ever looked at the ingredients of "pancake syrup"? It's pretty scary!).

So how do you like your oatmeal? What do you add to keep things interesting and different? Comment below and share your tips!