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It's the loveliest place, Out of Sight Alpacas, an Alpaca farm right here in Ocean County.

A little bit about this fantastic spot in Waretown. The alpaca farm is located at 416 Wells Mills Road. The owner took a trip to Peru and loved a blanket she purchased there. It was not itchy like so many blankets are. It was soft and lightweight. The blanket was made from alpaca. The first eight alpacas purchased for the farm were in 2010. As of right now, Out of Sight Alpacas has almost 30 alpacas. The owners want you to know, there is no harm that comes to an alpaca when producing the fleece from the animal. Out of Sight Alpacas does have a store where they sell rugs, hats, gloves, soft yarn, and many items from their animals.

It truly is an experience seeing these beautiful animals and they're so close to home. They have so many experiences at the alpaca farm for the whole family. From tours that you will love at the farm, alpaca training for the kids, and birthday parties, too.

The alpaca training is awesome. Get close and personal with these beautiful animals. With alpaca training, children must be 10 years of age or older. Next time I go we need to do this. It's as simple as booking a tour and picking Alpaca Training. The training of the alpacas is very limited. You can walk an alpaca on your own or be accompanied by trainers as you walk. This sounds so awesome.

Alpacas are beautiful animals, they feel so soft, and it's a fun little trip to Waretown. We're going back sometime in November for their Christmas weekends. I can not wait. The alpaca farm is open on weekends, and please check their website to schedule your tour and to visit the alpacas. You will love this place with the whole family. CLICK HERE for more information and to schedule your tour with the alpacas.

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