Abby is 15 years old today, 5 more years and she's 20...Where did the time go?

It was the happiest and scariest day of my life February 1st, 2006. at 12:02 pm, Abigail Jane was born at Centra-State in Freehold. I will never forget my face that day hurting so much from smiling. Seeing my Mom and Dad hold their little Abby, warmed my heart.

It is true when you first have a baby, everybody says enjoy every minute. They are so right, it goes so fast. A blink of the eye and my little girl is now 15. I'm blessed and thankful for her. She's kind and funny. She loves her friends. She loves her Nanny. She still calls me Mommy. ( Her friends laugh at her for that.)

Ok, what do you say to a 15 year old that thinks she knows everything. If you have a teenager, you know what I'm talking about. If I'd do a little dance on TikTok she'd understand. If I snapped her and sent her streaks, she'd understand that. If it was about a boy, I bet she'd listen, LOL.

Abby, along the way you taught me so many things. It was supposed to be me teaching you, you taught me a love that never, ever ends. You taught me to be patient. You taught me to laugh when I wanted to cry. You taught me that we can get through anything together. OK, maybe that was me teaching you that one. You are the coolest kid I know, you learned that from me. You will never know the joy that you bring to my heart. Happy Birthday to my favorite!! That's you, Abby, you already know that :).



My daughter is the love of my life - fresh, funny, truly a wonderful little soul that brings me sunshine every day. She's now 15 and her life and what she does is just so funny, it’s too funny not to talk about or write about. It’s all about sharing our adventures with you. Time flies. Thanks for all of your advice through the years, Mom's we are never alone. I guess it should be "Sue's Mom Blog" since she's "so" grown up now, I'm totally laughing out loud at that.

Abby is 15! Happy Birthday Abby!

Sue Moll
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