Mega-popular Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ has announced some big news, so may I have your attention please? Thank you.

The farm, known for it's annual U-Pick Tulip festival, with millions of colorful tulips, is changing up its U-Pick Sunflowers this year.

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Don't worry, you're still going to be able to pick sunflowers this fall, but you'll also going to be able to pick lots of other types of flowers too.

New Festival at Holland Ridge Farms

Introducing Holland Ridge Farms' NEW Fall Flower Festival. It's replacing the U-Pick Sunflowers. It's really just a name change. This fall, instead of just picking the beautiful sunflowers, there will be a variety of gorgeous fall flowers. See, I told you not to worry.

Holland Ridge Farms' social media post reads, "Now that we plant so many different flowers the name (U-Pick Sunflowers) just didn't do it justice. Introducing Our Fall Flower Festival which features yellow, red, bicolor, purple, and white sunflowers."

Wow. I didn't realize sunflowers came in so many different colors. This is going to be quite a sight.

The post continued, "Dahlias, gladiolus, callas and even some stunning surprise varieties. You can take photos in the flowers then pick your own Jersey fresh bouquet for $1 per stem."

Dates for Fall Flower Festival

Set a reminder in your phone now. The new Fall Flower Festival will run from September 15th through October 15th from 9am - 6pm daily.


There's free parking at Holland Ridge Farms. There's also an Uber/Lyft pick up and drop off area.


You will need tickets for the Fall Flower Festival. They will go on sale online in August (I'll keep you posted).

Holland Ridge Farms in located at 86 Rues Road in Cream Ridge, NJ.

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