What a historic find along the beaches of South Jersey. Liz Goldsmith said "the century-old Cape May “Ghost Tracks” were visible at low tide today, between Sunset and Higbee Beach!" What a sight that must have been as low tide unearthed a find from over a century ago here in the Graden State.


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They are referred to as the "Ghost Tracks" and they date back to 1905 in Cape May, New Jersey. According to an NJ.COM article "They were seen for the first time in nearly 80 years in November 2014 and have been spotted several times since then including back-to-back storms in March 2018." The article also added that "The tracks were used in the early to mid-1900s to support sand mining and munitions testing during World War I and were used by the Cape May Sand Company from 1905 to 1936."

How interesting to see these historic "ghost tracks" reappear from time to time, when the ocean allows a view during a low tide. It took nearly a century for the ghost tracks to reappear and now we have had a few sightings. but who knows when we will see these historic railroad tracks again?



Photo Credit Liz Goldsmith
Photo Credit Liz Goldsmith


How spooky the "ghost tracks" look in black and white and Liz Goldsmith captured the sighting perfectly. We thank Liz for sharing her photos with us, so we could share them with you. I always enjoy a good ghost story, especially right here at the Jersey Shore.

Who knows, maybe next time you are in Cape May you might witness the "ghost tracks" yourself. No word if there is a "ghost conductor" but you never know, right?



Historic Railroad Tracks Discovered in South Jersey

Take a Look at Historic Railroad Tracks Discovered Along Beach in Cape May, New Jersey


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