If you listen to this segment with any regularity you are likely aware that I have had more than my share of health challenges over the last few years.  I have still not recovered from my second spine surgery in 14 months this past July and the neuropathy I suffered during the first one last May has worsened.  With that said the most severe pain I am dealing with right now comes from my right hip and next month I will have surgery to replace it.

I do not tell you this to gain sympathy…I’m way past that.  However if you see me with a cane please know it is because of my hip which at times makes walking 25 feet a very uncomfortable task.  It seems just about everyone knows somebody who has had hip replacement surgery and it has come a long way from when my father had it some 30 years ago.  My surgeon told me last week the procedure will only take about 30 minutes and without complications the recovery is only 3 weeks and I’ll be like a new man.  I’d be happy just to be the old man I was a few years ago before all of this came down on me.

November is a busy time of year for me but if all goes well with a new hip and my back improving I should be in good shape for the WOBM Christmas Classic.  I know there’s been many changes but the holiday season and our high school basketball tournament returns for a 39th year…it’s a tradition like no other. (I know that’s Jim Nantz’s line for the Masters but I can borrow it).

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