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Ocean County Park was originally part of John D. Rockefeller's vacation estate. White pine, hemlock and other unique specimen trees were imported by Rockefeller from all over the country ~ Google

In this webisode of Hiking NJ .... April & I went to Ocean County Park  in Lakewood. The park is located right off Route 88 in Lakewood. This park offers a lot of room for hikers and bicyclists.

Basically there are two ways to enjoy a hike at Ocean County Park. One way is to use the paved road which circles the park. It has nice scenic areas as you walk. There can be cars driving on this section, but plenty of room, just keep your eyes open for vehicles and bikes.

Another way to hike is the perimeter trail. This trail, the blue trail, runs the perimeter of the park.....about 3.2 miles in all. This trail is unpaved and in the wooded section of the park. Keep in mind that this trail has a lot of the trail very close to outside houses, school and roads. It doesn’t give you a quiet isolated “woods” hike, but you can get your mileage in without interference.

We did a little of both and had a nice 3 mile plus hike. The park offers an easy hike on both trails, with flat packed walk ways. There are signs for the perimeter trail at various points of the park, there is one at entrance to the park.

Ocean County Park

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