This time around we find ourselves in Cumberland County, at Maurice River Bluffs. A scenic hike in Millville, New Jersey. Some points .... well marked trails, various lengths, fairly easy trails, some elevation. Things to see include a floating dock, overlook views of the Maurice River, a bird blind for bird watchers and a historic stone house ruin (pictured above). Upon further investigation it seems this House was originally built in the late 1790's and remained standing until it burned in 1962. The house is located in the woods at the bluffs, kinda a spooky sight to be honest. I often wonder what abandoned buildings were like during their heyday.

Shawn Michaels


The trails were good and we did each loop so it added up to about 5 miles. This hike because of its close proximity to water makes it a good hike in early spring, fall and winter .... but I'd avoid during last spring and summer because of insects and dense brush in some areas. It was about an hour or so drive from Southern Ocean County. Millville had plenty of places to visit as well including Wheaton Arts.


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