Hi, I'm T.  Sue's my Mommy.  This week has been an exciting one for me!

A new puppy moved in next door to us.   She barks a lot but I think I can teach her not too.  But it's nice having a little friend right next door.

So this is the thing about puppies--Everybody knows they're cute and cuddly.  But bigger dogs are cute and cuddly too.  I was adopted from a shelter and I wasn't a puppy.  I'm still pretty cute and cuddly.  If you have a family especially with kids, go to my friends over at the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo and see if an older dog might work for you.  My Mommy always tells me there's never a better dog than me because I was in a shelter.  And she tells me, I picked her.  And she's right.


Boy oh boy, there's something I have to tell you.  I love peanut butter.  All of a sudden I'm wanting peanut butter all the time.  When a sandwich is made for my sister, I always want the crust with peanut butter on it.  YUM!  Almost as good as my bonies.


I'd really love to see some other dogs and go for more walks....Where's a good place you take your  little furry four legged friends here in Ocean County so I can tell Mommy to take me there!  I need to work off the fat-pockets! lol

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