Hi, I'm T.  Sue's my Mommy.  And when I left off before I wasn't feeling too well.  But today I'm feeling great!

I went to my Dr.  He told us that I just had a virus in my belly.  I had my fat pockets checked out, too.  Mommy often tells me about these things, but I just don't understand.  She tells me as I'm getting older I have these funny looking things sticking out of my skin.  Yep they're called fat pockets.  Sometimes my sister tries to color them in with crayon.  I try to tell her the crayon will never work on my fur.  But she still tries and tries and tries.

I had an exciting time this past weekend.  I stayed with a really cool family while my Mommy and sister went away.  This family treated me so great!  They took me for walks, gave me treats, let me sit on their couch and even gave me love and attention while my family was away.  I love them a lot.  Maybe I can visit soon again!

See how cute I look in my hat.  I'm just waiting for the snow?

Until I write again--give someone a pet today---my tail's a wagging!