So this is a trip down memory lane and if you love burgers, hopefully, this will bring back some memories. I was looking through some nostalgic tee shirts and I came across a "Burger Chef" tee and thought wow that brings back memories.

Burger Chef was founded by Frank and Donald Thomas in 1954 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The last Burger Chef closed in 1996.


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I have fond memories of going to Burger Chef and their kid's meals lol. In fact, according to Readers Digest, Burger Chef introduced the kid's meal and called it the "Fun Meal" which was out before the McDonald's "Happy Meal".

It was basically the same as today's "Happy Meal" with food, drink, and a toy prize. Some meals had little records, ask your parents, that you could play. Fun stuff growing up.



I know it's "fast food" but wouldn't it be fun to have a retro Burger Chef to visit on occasion? Pop in for a Big Shef, which was their popular burger.  The Big Shef was a double burger. They Had the "Works Bar" so you could add your own toppings and make it the way you wanted.




So what do you think, would you love to step back in time and go to a Burger Chef? Would be fun to visit one and if you never went to Burger Chef you could sample a "Fun Meal" with your kids lol

Share your memories and thoughts on having an old-fashioned Burger Chef back in Ocean County. Post your comments below and let's see what the consensus is.


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