Hey, don't push! it's crowded in these New Jersey towns. Here in the Garden State, we have some of the most densely populated towns anywhere in the nation because we have a small state with lots of people.

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New Jersey is ranked #1 when it comes to states' population density, only the District of Columbia is denser. Rhode Island comes in at #2 and Massachusetts is third in density.

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Now we all know its crowded here in New Jersey, but we do have many spots where we can go to get away from the crowds. This article is going to focus on the most crowded towns in Jersey. The spots with the highest population density. These TOP 10 in the state. Not surprising that two towns in Ocean County have made the list of the most populated.

The town or "city" with the highest population is Newark with nearly 312,000 residents, according to the 2020 U.S. Census. In second place is Jersey City with nearly 293,000 residents. Third is Paterson at nearly 160,000. Fourth place goes to Elizabeth at nearly 138,000. Rounding out the TOP 5 is a town from right here in Ocean County...Lakewood is 5th with over 135,000.

Finishing our TOP 10 is Edison in 6th place with nearly 108,000 residents. Number seven goes to Woodbridge at nearly 104,000. At number eight is another Ocean County town, Toms River is in the 8th spot with over 95,000 residents. Number nine is Hamilton Township with over 92,000 residents. Finishing our TOP 10 Iis our state capitol, Trenton is 10th with nearly 91,000 residents.

By the way, the most populated town in Monmouth County is Middletown with over 67,000 residents and the most populated town in Burlington County is Evesham with nearly 47,000 residents.

So as you can see it gets crowded at times in Jersey, so no pushing ...

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