If we're being honest, Ocean County has some pretty oddly named municipalities. We already discussed the roots of Toms River. And of course we have other odd towns like Forked River ("Fork-ID", thank you very much!), and Brick (which I've always been amused by being next to Wall, but that's a whole different topic).

So how did Brick become Brick?

Unlike Toms River, which has a couple of different origin stories, Brick, or Bricktown as many long time residents still refer to it, has a much more straightforward naming history.

Simply enough, Brick is named after an early prominent citizen, Joseph W. Brick, who was the owner of the Bergen Iron Works, which was in what is now Lakewood.

Brick was actually created from parts of Howell and Dover Townships (which is now, of course Toms River) in 1850.

So, a simple explanation, but still an interesting story for those of us who weren't aware of the history!