If it's felt like retailers have been pushing the holiday sales and trying to get people out to shop more enthusiastically than ever this year, there actually is a good reason.

2019 has the shortest possible holiday shopping window between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving of course is the 4th Thursday in November, which changes every year, while Christmas is and always will be on December 25th.

In 2018, November 1st was a Thursday, which placed Thanksgiving relatively early in the month, on November 22, 2018, giving retailers and shoppers nearly 5 weeks to make cash registers light up.

For 2019, though, Thanksgiving is the latest it can possibly be - November 28th.

That puts less than 4 full weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Sure, it's only a 6 day difference between 2018 and 2019, but if we're honest, 6 days can be a long time when we're talking about last minute shopping.

I'm one of those people where if you told me that I had an extra week to shop, I'd happily procrastinate.

And, of course, 6 days is huge to retailers.

With many millions of dollars changing hands every single day, 6 days could make all the difference in the world when you're trying to balance the books before the year ends.

So, if it feels like you're hearing a lot of urgent sounding "Black Friday sales start now" commercials, that's because by this time a year ago, Black Friday had already happened.

If this is all stressing you out, don't worry, after we get past 2019 Thanksgiving won't be on November 28th again until 2024.


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