With widespread coastal flooding, power outages, and high winds, this week's nor'easter hasn't been pretty. But as we sit here today on January 24th watching the last of it begin to move out, there's one thing that we can take comfort in - at least it wasn't snow.

An inch of rain can equal anywhere from 10" to 15'" and in some cases even 20 inches of snow.

With about 2 1/2 inches of rain having fallen in Toms River over the last 24 hours, if it had been only about 10 degrees colder, we could have been looking at almost two feet of snow.

However, if the temperature was considerably colder, say around 25 or so, we could have been staring down the barrel of a blasting of three feet or more of snow.

We had flooding and power issues that caused inconveniences and some damage, but if the storm had been a full-on, all snow winter storm, we could have been looking at a crippling snowfall that would have locked up Ocean County for days.

How is your neighborhood in the aftermath of this storm? Comment below and check in with us!

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