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Like Charles Bronson's portrayal of the, "Tunnel King" in the 1963 classic, "The Great Escape", Nemo is determined to keep tunneling through, until he reaches his destination.  (Although we don't know what his destination is.....since he's not trying to escape from a war camp). Nemo is an absolute clown that loves his tunnels. He'll run through a maze of tunnels all day if you let him, pausing only to flop around on his back, throwing a ball up in the air and challenging another cat to invade his tunnel while he's running through it. This 1 1/2 year old silver tabby is a total goofball that is full of energy and will run and play all day.  He's a forever-kitten that is full of spunk.  He gets along fine with other cats that are all about playing like the rough-and-tumble cat that he is, so couch-potato cats are not a good fit for Nemo. He loves people, and he'd love to part of a fun-loving family that he could bring lots of joy to forever.  Call the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo to make an appointment to meet Nemo at 609-693-1900 or email: office@ahsppz.org.

Popcorn Park Zoo

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Popcorn Park Zoo (**Popcorn Park Zoo is closed due to the coronavirus**)

**Adoptions continue**

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