Now this is a life hack worth knowing!

I will openly admit that I have had some life hacks that I'm really proud of and fully stand behind, and some that, well, kind of fell flat (the ratio of dislikes to likes on this video is ego crushing every time it comes up).

But today's life hack, with a thanks to my colleague Andy Chase at our sister station 105.7 The Hawk for passing it along, is absolutely one to put in the win column.

We all know how the parking situation throughout Ocean County gets once Memorial Day weekend passes. Unless you have a secret parking spot (and by no means am I encouraging letting those secrets out!), you'll end up circling lots or giving in and paying extortion prices to park in a private lot.

But Seaside Heights is offering a lot up for free this summer.

The lot at Bay Blvd right after the bridge will be gratis for the season.

Apple Maps
Apple Maps

The only catch, and let's be honest, for free parking it's not that bad of a catch, is that you'll have to walk a few blocks to the beach.

I guess you have to look at it like a lesser of two evils - do you want pay $30+ in the middle of the season to park in some random guy's lot on Ocean Terrace, or are you willing to hoof it all of 4 blocks to save that cash?

Feel free to pass this one along, but let's agree that those secret parking spots should stay our secrets!


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