With the Ocean County St. Patrick's Day parade only days away, a lot of people will be making their way to the beaches this weekend.

For many, it will be a cat & mouse game of getting there early to claim a parking spot, or driving around until you can find either a spot, or a lot that's not straight up extorting visitors for one of the most popular events in Ocean County.

But for those of us in the know, the savvy locals who have a few tricks up their sleeve, a trusty secret spot will do the trick.

For me it's not so much one specific secret spot, as a general area where parking tends to be easier to find (and usually free), and the walk from there to the beach isn't inconvenient.

Of course, you'll notice that I'm speaking in general terms. If we told everyone where our secret parking areas were, they wouldn't be a secret anymore!

So do you have your own shore parking strategies? Tell us in the comments section below (without giving it away, of course!).


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