If you spend any time shopping in Brick, you know the struggle that comes along with trying to get into the ShopRite/Kohl's Plaza.

It's not all that bad if you're slipping in through the Route 70 entrance, but if you're trying to get in from Chambers Bridge Road, you know the pain of sitting in long lines of traffic waiting for the light to turn green and for the cars to slowly take their turns getting in.

Many times, you'll have to wait through a full cycle of the light. Or two, or three, you get the drift.

So, I have to give a big shout out to the Brick Township Police Department who posted a video to their official Facebook page with some strategies for getting yourself into the plaza with the least amount of stress (at least comparatively, that is).

In the video, a few strategies are outlined:

First of all, and easiest in my opinion, just use the Route 70 entrance.

Next, though, if you are approaching from Chambers Bridge, don't get into the left lane to make the turn at the light, instead get into the right lane and pass the plaza, you're going to pull a classic Jersey maneuver - the beloved jughandle.

Past the light at the plaza's entrance is another light at Ovation Way. This is the jughandle that you'd take if you were going to the Post Office.

Instead, though, use the jughandle to make a left onto the eastbound side of Chambers Bridge Road.

From there, you can make the much less congested right turn into the plaza.

Here's the full video from the Brick Township Police Department:

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