As gas prices across the country tumble, it's become easier than ever to squeeze every last penny out by finding the cheapest Ocean County gas stations in only seconds.

Just this morning I filled up at the QuickChek on Route 9 in Beachwood for just $2.17.

Thanks to technology, you can now zero in on the lowest gas prices in your area with websites like Gas Buddy, Geico, and Auto Blog.

Just pop in the ZIP code where you are, and bingo, the lowest gas prices in the area pop right up.

If you don't know the ZIP code where you are at a given time, Gas Buddy makes it even easier, drilling prices down by county and even specific towns.

With prices in the Garden State flirting with going below $2.00 a gallon, believe it or not, New Jersey is actually in the bottom half of states as far as low prices at the pump go.

According to Gas Buddy, as of when I'm writing this, drivers in Missouri are only paying an average of $1.84 per gallon, while Californians are still tipping the scales at a whopping (for this time period at least) $3.31 a gallon on average.

Now if we could only pump that gas ourselves.


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