We said "Bye-bye" to Perkins last year in Toms River because of Covid-19.

If you think back though I always felt it was empty. I always wondered why? If you're still looking for a Perkins, there is one in Lacey Township on Rt. 9 in Forked River.

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Perkins was located on Rt. 37 and Hooper Avenue in Tom River. Right next to Boston Market. It seems like a noticeable, good place for a restaurant.

So many ideas came in on what you'd like to see there, here are the 10 restaurants you chose.

Here are the 10 Restaurants You Want to See Where the Old Perkins Was in Toms River

I loved all of your ideas, these 10 were the most popular. "Thank you for all of your responses."

Sandy in Toms River would like to see a buffet of some kind move into there. I probably would've agreed with you but I'm just not sure buffets will do very well, right now. My question to her is, are there still buffets, because of Covid-19? That's a whole other blog, will you ever go to a buffet again? I'm just not sure.

We really don't need any more fast food places. Do we need another pizza shop? Sub shop? Maybe? I'd like to see a nice restaurant to sit down and enjoy a meal with my family.

A lot of you would love a Chick-fil-A, too. I just don't think a drive-thru would work there. I don't think there's enough room. Believe me, I want a Chick-fil-A, like now closer than Brick.

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